Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 277

00-charlescherry2Glad to be back – A few regular readers were concerned that I haven’t written in this space lately. I’m fine! I’ll be off and on this page as life requires…

No “free” media here – Some have noticed that we have not covered much of the 2016 presidential campaign’s political “horse race” aspects: who was up and down in polls, etc. That’s by design.

In my humble opinion, one of the main reasons Donald Trump is the GOP’s presumptive presidential nominee is because he got billions of dollars in what is ironically called “earned media,” primarily on cable networks: Fox, MSNBC, CNN, etc. The networks call it “earned media” because they considered his activities, especially his live campaign rallies, to be “newsworthy,” and thus the coverage is “earned” rather than “paid,” like advertising.

I strongly disagree. I don’t consider any campaign rally worthy of reporting on it just because it happened. I consider Trump’s “earned media” to be “free media” because he didn’t pay for it. The fact the 24-hour networks have hours to fill every day worked to Trump’s celebrity advantage, and he suckered them into giving him literally hours of daily national coverage no other candidate received.

We refuse to do the same thing. A Trump or Clinton rally (even when Bro. Prez hits the campaign trail) isn’t necessarily worthy of news coverage. We’ll start paying real attention just before absentee ballots are distributed.  Otherwise, if any candidate wants guaranteed space in the Florida Courier, buy some ads.

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