Trump’s whining supporters have limited influence

00-apeterbaileyIt’s very disturbing to see and hear Black television and radio commentators, newspaper columnists, politicians, and civil rights “leaders” talk and write about Donald Trump’s most ardent low-income and working-class White supporters as though they have real power in this country.

Those Whites, we are told with certainty, are the biggest threat to our efforts for equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity. It just ain’t so.

Throughout this country’s history, Whites from those classes consistently voted their racial prejudices over their own economic interests.

‘Because you’re White’
“You may be low-income or working class,” they are repeatedly told, “but you are superior to any Black man or woman because you are White.” All any power force had to do when opposing government assistance programs was to tell low-income, working class Whites that the chief beneficiaries of such programs will be Black folks.

Look at the Affordable Care Act. Practically every White family in the above-mentioned classes are one catastrophic family illness away from having to declare bankruptcy. Yet many – if not most of them – strongly opposed universal health care because they have been convinced that such programs mainly help Black folks. They believe this, despite the fact that the United States government has never created assistance programs designed specifically for us.

The real deal is that low-income, working class Whites have limited influence over how this country operates. They don’t have real power. That is in the slick hands of the big banks, big oil companies, big insurance companies, big drug companies, big investment houses, big think tanks, big colleges and universities, big internet companies, big agricultural combines and big construction companies.

They are the powerful forces that are denying equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity to Black folks.

These are the puppeteers who run this country; not the whining low-income, working-class White puppets who swoon over Donald Trump.

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