Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 268

00-charlescherry2Hail yeah! Your humble writer is back after being AWOL from this page. Why? You’ll understand by and by…

HBCU BS – An African proverb says, “When the elephants fight, the grass gets crushed.”

Dysfunctional HBCU leadership and top managers are the elephants; the grass is the faculty, staff and students who just want to do their jobs, get reasonably paid on time via direct deposit (not bouncing checks), and get good educations, respectively.

I have contacts within multiple HBCUs from students to top administrators. There’s a dismaying similarity when I sift through those conversations: dictatorial, ego-driven leadership; ass-kissing or back-stabbing trustees; a refusal to ask hard questions of top management; a woeful lack of accountability and transparency; the continuing desire to handle dirty laundry “behind closed doors;” the wish to “kill the messenger” rather than confront unforeseen challenges; and low morale among faculty and staff who provide direct services to students.

Lemme tell y’all something. It’s not our jobs as journalists – and that’s what we are – to protect Black individual or organizational incompetence. It’s also not our jobs to serve as attack dogs for people with personal agendas who are too cowardly to challenge the moral and operational “dry rot” within the institution whose paycheck may be keeping a roof over their heads.

You got something to say about what’s going in in your institution? Then (1) anonymously send documents which justify your allegations (documents speak for themselves and we post them for readers) OR (2) stand up and let us quote what you say, name and all. We don’t do stories from “an anonymous source.”

Can’t do that, but still want to accuse somebody of criminal or immoral behavior? Then have two seats…

Contact me at ccherry@gmail.com.


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