Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 266

00-charlescherry2A Negro with a legal gun – Vester Lee Flanagan II, age 41, left a slew of federal racism complaints, lawsuits, excuses, and a long-winded manifesto as his justification for murdering two White journalists who, as best as can be determined at this writing, had little or nothing to do with his termination. This was revenge against the organization (and the industry) that hired him then fired him, pure and simple.

Bottom line? This dude who called himself “Bryce Williams” was an average reporter/news reader, at best, who refused to take responsibility for his own improvement. Take a look at his self-proclaimed ‘best’ work, a video résumé that he left behind on YouTube.  His delivery is stilted and his newswriting is at a high school level.

Still, he was able to bounce from job to job – mostly small-market TV stations – in a tough media industry. And rather than work on his skills, count his blessings, and keep moving forward, he seemed to leave a trail of controversy, paranoia, excuses and anger..

My quick and dirty evaluation? It’s more of the same, the collateral damage, the shed blood America is more than willing to accept in exchange for the almighty “Second Amendment rights.”

Four hundred million guns already in circulation. Easy legal access to a gun. Stigmatized mental illness and no easily accessible mental health assistance.

Gun control, background checks, a cooling-off period, or an assault weapons ban wouldn’t have prevented these murders, because the killer had no criminal history, purchased a handgun legally more than a month ago, and had no reported history of mental illness. No “good guy with a gun” could have stopped this premeditated, well-planned atrocity.

What now?  Nothing’s gonna happen. There will be another similar gun murder tomorrow, next week and next month. More innocent blood will be spilled. And life and sudden death in dysfunctional America will go on…

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  1. Thanks for responding-I read Sis. Muhammad’s article here: http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/National_News_2/article_102577.shtml

    I don’t disagree with the article in any way. Racism WILL make some people snap. My point is that the ready availability of a legal gun was a contributing factor in the execution-the Final Call article doesn’t focus on that.

    I’m not saying this dude didn’t experience racist behavior. But experiencing workplace racism/sexism/ageism is no justification for killing somebody.

    So rage against racism took him over the edge. But he kills two fellow ex-employees-not the people legally responsible for firing him. Not some White supremacists targeting Black folks-they ain’t hard to find.

    Will this double execution make White folks think twice about workplace racism, assuming that was his goa.? Or will it confirm that Black men are serious physical threats under any & all circumstances, and thus worthy of immediate death-especially in open carry/concealed carry/Stand Your Ground states like my native Florida?

    CWC II


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