FAMU receives $110,000 that will go to first-generation students

TALLAHASSEE – The State University System of Florida Board of Governors’ Foundation has awarded Florida A&M University (FAMU) $110,000 to help provide scholarship support to first-generation students.

Dr. Elmira Mangum, FAMU president, is shown with Florida University System Chancellor Marshall Criser III.(COURTESY OF FAMU)
Dr. Elmira Mangum, FAMU president, is shown with Florida University System Chancellor Marshall Criser III.

The funds are the result of a $5 million donation to the system by the Helios Education Foundation, which specified that the investment earnings should go to scholarships supporting first-generation students.

“On behalf of the entire FAMU community, I would like to express our gratitude to the Board of Governors’ Foundation and the Helios Education Fund for investing in the futures of the students we historically serve, and for helping to provide access and opportunity to students who may have never had the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of going to college,” said Dr. Elmira Mangum, president of FAMU.

Matching program
Each year, the foundation distributes funds to Florida’s 12 state universities. Florida also has a program in which the state matches contributions, doubling the scholarship awards.

“As a result of these scholarships, nearly 25,000 people have obtained a university education – many of whom may not have had the opportunity to do so otherwise,” said Board of Governors’ Chair Mori Hosseini. “Thanks to the generous donation from Helios, the Board looks forward to continuing to fund this important cause for years to come.”

Mangum encouraged the FAMU community to match the foundation’s efforts.

“We look forward to receiving matching funds from the state and I encourage all FAMU supporters and stakeholders to join the Florida Board of Governors’ Foundation in investing in first-generation students by making a contribution earmarked for this cause to the FAMU Foundation,” she said.

24,000 helped
Through the scholarships, the system has assisted more than 24,000 first-generation students in continuing their education. For the 2013-2014 school year, the scholarships helped 5,203 State University System students. Of those, 2,715 students were first-time recipients of the scholarships and 2,488 were students who had previously been awarded.

“Promoting access to higher education is an important priority for the Board of Governors,” said State University System Chancellor Marshall Criser III. “I’m proud of the talented students who are pursuing a higher education and positioning themselves for bright careers.”


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