Random thoughts of a free Black mind, v. 261

00-charlescherry2Why a series called ‘Negroes with Guns’? Because it’s time for Black America to adapt or die.

My good Christian friends, in the wake of seeing men and women of God slaughtered like sheep, keep saying, “The battle isn’t ours; it’s the Lord’s.”

In the word of Huggy Lowdown of the Tom Joyner Morning Show, I say, “Bullshiggety” to that biblical interpretation.

The battle against Black America’s enemies, both foreign (rogue cops, systemic disproportionate pain) and domestic (street gangs, Black-on Black violence, prison-based hypermasculine street culture) IS ours AND the Lord’s – if you believe in God.

Star ‘Trekker’
I’m a fan of the entire “Star Trek” franchise, especially the original TV show in the 1960s. One of the original characters named Spock played multidimensional chess in the original version of the show – much like our enemies do now.

Our problem? We are playing checkers, trying to use only spiritual (prayer) and political (voting) strategies against problems that are economic, cultural, and psychological in nature.

It’s time to adapt, individually and collectively, to a 21st Century America that is awash in 400 million guns (and counting), gives not one good damn about truth and righteousness, is dead-set on maintaining worldwide empire, where money and the so-called “free market” is GOD, and that is high on the sound of its own ‘freedom’ ‘justice’ ‘equality’ verbal hypocritical bloviation spread around the planet.

Either we as Black Americans adapt – and start playing multidimensional chess in a country that still largely considers us to be “the other” – or we and our children will die culturally, spiritually, emotionally, economically, and finally physically.

One part of that solution is to become “Negroes with guns.” As you will learn from our Florida Courier series, Negroes with guns and books (other than the Bible) have been America’s worst nightmare from the foundation of this nation.

Gun control was put in place to keep Black Americans from defending ourselves and our families against White racist domestic terrorism. And in my humble opinion, the Bible has been used to brainwash Black Christians into unilaterally disarming themselves, while their White Christian brethren are invoking the same Jesus and singing, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.”

Time to wake up and adapt…or die.

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