Democrats think you are stupid

00_brucedixonLast month, Talking Points Memo noted that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is the recipient of tens of millions of dollars in legal bribes (campaign contributions) from Big Oil, Big Ag, Big Pharma, Wall Street, military contractors, and more. The DNC is featuring Bernie Sanders on the mass fundraising mailings it sent to thousands of likely Democrat donors.

Bernie Sanders describes himself as a socialist. He talks about what he calls “a political revolution.”

Nevertheless, Bernie Sanders talks and votes like many other pro-war liberal Democrats. Official Democrats think he’s Democrat enough to run in Democratic primaries and caucuses. Bernie’s even pledged to support the eventual Democratic Party nominee, pointing out that he does that every election anyhow.

What’s happening?
There’s no question that the DNC is the subservient tool of its ruling-class donors, and of their candidate Hillary Clinton. TPM’s Josh Marshall explains that although Hillary remains the official candidate of the DNC and its donors, they need an official opposition to make the year-long run up to the Democratic nominating convention a year from now look less like a coronation.

Bernie’s presence, and his half-hearted pro-war brand of socialism, doesn’t further any “political revolution” at all. What it does is make Hillary’s absolutely certain Democratic Party nomination look almost legit, as though she emerged from some kind of process where the Democrats’ base voters actually get to have their say.

But the cynicism of corporate Democrats runs much deeper than this. Immediately after President Obama muscled fast-track legislation needed to pass his so-called trade bills though Congress without legislators being able to amend or even see what’s in them, the California Democratic Party was emailing thousands of likely small-and medium-sized donors with the promise that it would “continue the fight” against “unfair trade agreements” like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The California Democratic Party chose not to remind prospective donors that their Democratic president forced TPP’s fast-track provision through Congress, and that their Democratic president is hounding, harassing convening secret grand juries and jailing on espionage and terrorism charges Wikileaks and other persons for revealing parts of the so-called trade agreements – which are really corporate power grabs.

Won’t fight Obama
The California Democratic Party isn’t about to fight Obama over TPP, the privatization of schools, cutting the military budget, rolling back the prison state, or anything else. Their feeble and hypocritical pretense of opposing TPP is aimed at the most deluded and gullible among their donor base, in the same spirit that the DNC uses Bernie Sanders to supplement fundraising.

It’s a measure of how uninformed and stupid Democratic Party leaders on the state and national level imagine Democratic donors and voters to be – another marker of the boundless contempt that Democratic Party leaders have for ordinary Democrats, and ordinary people.

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