Why must Black Americans always forgive?


I cannot stop shaking my head at the comments I keep reading on traditional and social media from some Whites (emphasis on “some” for the sensitive ones and their Black mutual support lackeys) suggesting that all Blacks should follow the examples of the victims family members who told Dylann Roof during last week’s bail hearing that they forgave or loved him, despite his acts.

Miss me with that. Whites of this ilk who are so inclined two lecture Black folks ‘bout forgiveness have yet to forgive ISIS/ISIL for cutting off Christians’ heads, Al-Qaeda for multiple terror attacks, or Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, or Moammar Ghadaffi for their roles in sponsoring terror.

Such folks have offered no public forgiveness for the Tsarnaev brothers for the Boston terror attacks or for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the 9/11 conspirators held at Gitmo.

No forgiveness
Whites of this sort still gripe about what Hillary Clinton knew or did not know about the terror attack that killed American Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his guards three years ago; there is no forgiveness being offered for those Libyan killers.

You hypocrites do not forgive the Palestinian Liberation Organization that you detest so much for primitive rocket attacks on Israel that often lead to devastating counterattacks by the powerful Israeli army.

Your grandparents offered no prayers of forgiveness for the Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor.

They did not pray for the souls of the Japanese civilians killed during bombings of the Japanese mainland with both conventional and atomic weapons in the war’s waning days. Ditto for your grandparents, as far as firebombing German civilians during World War II.

There were no cries for forgiving the Nazi high command at Nuremberg for their role in the horrific Shoah. And it was your ancestors who permanently etched “Remember the Maine” and “Remember the Alamo” into our historical lexicon and lore with neither forgiveness nor mercy for the Spanish or the Mexicans in those conflicts.

Blacks must forgive
But Black folks are to forgive and forget slavery, Jim Crow, lynchings, discrimination past and present, and injustices to this very minute in the criminal justice system. And Natives are supposed to forgive and forget centuries of genocide, smallpox, pilfering of their lands through “Manifest Destiny,” broken treaties, broken promises and broken lives.

So in summary, it seems that to some White folks, non-White folks are supposed to forgive and forget White oppressions, atrocities, genocide and acts of violence, while we all are supposed to remember and commemorate times when other groups have attacked America or American interests.

Got you. I see how this works.

For the record, I reject this definition of “forgiveness” because to me, it is horrifically one-sided and does not force you to confront yourselves.

Chuck Hobbs is former prosecutor who is now a Tallahassee-based defense attorney in his own firm, the Law Office of Charles Hobbs II.  Contact him at chuck_hobbs@yahoo.com.


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