‘Gay’ is not the new ‘Black’


All of a sudden, biting into a fried chicken sandwich has become a political and economic statement. The Chick-fil-A fast food chain is standing firm in its opposition to gay marriage since company president Dan Cathy said the company “backs the traditional family unit.”

Gay rights groups have called for a boycott of the chain and politicians in Boston, Chicago and Washington, D.C. told the company they intend to use zoning laws and local regulations to let Chick-fil-A executives know it’s not welcome in their locales. The current campaign may well turn out to be a bridge too far and evolve into a horrible setback for homosexual activism.

Rewriting values
Since President Barack Obama threw Black values and emphasis under the same bus as he did the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, “gay” has been allowed to become the civil rights issue of our time. The vile attacks on Chick-fil-A and its owners should make clear the ‘gay rights’ movement is not about refining and advancing American freedom, but about rewriting American values and advancing the homosexual political agenda. This type of social activism is a menace to Black values and American free enterprise.

“Eat mor chikin” is the chain’s prominent advertising slogan. Chick-fil-A [referring to “filet”] specializes in chicken entrées and has long been associated with the South, where it is a cultural icon. It all started in 1946, when Samuel Truett Cathy opened his first restaurant, The Dwarf Grill, in Hapeville, Ga. Credited with inventing Chick-fil-A’s boneless breast of chicken sandwich, Cathy founded Chick-fil-A, Inc. in the early 1960s and pioneered establishment of restaurants in shopping malls.

Since then, Chick-fil-A has steadily grown to become the second largest quick-service chicken restaurant chain in the U.S. The business is family-owned and has become a multibillion-dollar operation. With 44 consecutive years of positive sales growth, the company is known for being methodical about opening new restaurants, but opening them with fanfare, including giving the first 100 customers free chicken sandwiches for a year.

Dan Cathy has been the Chick-fil-A chief executive since 2001.  On August 1, at Chick-fil-A locations across the country, people voted with their wallets by coming out on Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day to express support for the chain and to Cathy for his stance on traditional marriage.

Politically potent
Blacks should be aware the gay movement has eclipsed them in political potency. Politicians are swooning to take up gay causes. Sources inside the Democratic National Committee have confirmed the party will include gay marriage as part of its platform. It will be the first time in history that either the Democratic or Republican Party has supported anything other than the traditional definition of marriage as being between a man and a woman.

We find no reason to be mad at Cathy and his traditional values. Sexual disposition does not parallel race. And it’s difficult to watch a coordinated, well-funded, well-connected propaganda strategy undermine thousands of years of history. It’s especially disconcerting to watch the use of the civil rights struggle as the vehicle for the strategy.

William Reed is publisher of “Who’s Who in Black Corporate America” and is available for speaking/seminar projects via BaileyGroup.org.

3 Responses to ‘Gay’ is not the new ‘Black’

  1. qbanme2004

    I agree, ‘gay rights’ is about “rewriting American values” and Chick-fil-A has the right to say they “back the traditional family unit.”. However, I wonder what you might say if they claim the same right and “back the traditional same ethnic group family unit.”

  2. A.J.

    Mr. cathy’s comment was tasteless. you don’t insult people just because you have the freedom of speech, and especially if you don’t know who you’re insulting. His christian views were well documented, so there was no need for him to expound on them.Of all of those, who were wrapped around the building for a chicken sandwhich,how many were living woth someone(shacking)? how many were cheating on their spouses? How many enjoy porn? how many were bi-sexual? That’s right, you don’t know,and cathy didn’t either, but he took the money!God knows all of my sins and transgressions,and he chooses to love me anyway! He also knows my heart! I urge Black people to,get off this bandwagon,especially Black men, who themselves, are an endangered species with very little room or qualifications to judge. Let God do his job, he is much more qualified and a lot more loving.

  3. A.J.

    William Reed, do you remember when interracial marriage was illegal? and the argument was that everone has the right to marry the person they love? and lawmakers were saying that, because Black people were little more than animals, and white women were to be worshipped, it would be against God’s law, for race mixing and mixed marriages. noone is asking you to accept anything or agree, but for the right to marry the person they love. Remember when the bible was used to uphold slavery? now, they’re using it to uphold discrimination, i have a proble being judged by another sinner, yes, we ALL fall short of the glory!and the Father says that no sin is bigger than the other, so i guess you have a lot more chicken sandwhiches to eat, but let’s eat the next ones at my grandmother’s house. You can stand in line, they taste better, and they don’t cost $6.00!Let the target group be fat, white women, i don’t care for them.

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