Sagging pants, or cleavage and ‘booty shorts’


By C. Dwayne West

I’ll attempt to defend the men who show their underwear while strolling down the street.

What’s the difference between them and a huge billboard posted on the highway downtown showing men’s bulges and a women’s crotch in ads for underwear? What’s the difference between them and men and women laying seductively in magazine ads trying to persuade millions to purchase their brand of undergarments? No difference at all, as far as I’m concerned.

Too much

There are three kinds of women who flash. The women who gives you a little peek; the women who gives a little more simple pleasure; or the women who damn near display their privates.

I see women who inappropriately show way too much cleavage in public and at events. But we men marvel and gawk at those women and sometimes flirt with them. There are women who attempt to display their sexiness, but really end up being a tease and a bit of a distraction. Of course, like any man it’s exciting and a turn-on, but that don’t mean I approve of her public display.

Then you have people who complain about sisters shaking their butts in videos in which they’re getting paid. Yet, I’m watching female volleyball players on network TV bouncing and jumping with slinky bikinis chasing a ball. But that’s fine, right?

And the cameras are posted on their butts because they have sponsors plastered on their bikini bottoms.

Then I’m seeing track and field girls also with their near-nothing shorts running and jumping – and that’s fine. But it’s always the brothers being bashed for what they do and it’s their community doing the bashing – go figure.

Not illegal

Look, I don’t think that jeans hanging off someone’s behind showing their underwear are cute or classy, but it’s not against the law. And the day lawmakers want to create a law and enforce it, then they better think about girls wearing bras or bikini tops in public; girls wearing shirts or blouses highlighting tattoos on both breasts; “booty shorts” with their thong straps showing; and butt cheeks hanging out the bottom of the “daisy dukes.”

There has to be a place when we stop being engulfed with trivial things and get back to what made this country great – and that’s freedom of expression. Like Jay-Z says, “Look in the mirror and stop the pulpitting.” That means stop preaching unless you’re gonna stop doing what you’re doing, or approving of something because it pleases your taste – which also can be annoying to some people.

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